Celiac vaccine may allow people with allergy to eat gluten

(Photo: Pixabay)

NEW YORK (NBC NEWS/WTHR) — Some possible good news for anyone with Gluten allergies.

A new vaccine is in the works that might let you eat all the pasta and bread you want.

The company ImmusanT announced its experimental vaccine Nexvax2 is moving into phase two trials.

In 2017 the company raised more than $40 million for phase one trials and extended testing.

Those early trials showed the drug was safe to use and now the company is looking to learn more about its effectiveness.

"We're in a new era - an era of trials where there are a number of promising non-dietary medications," Benjamin Lebwohl, the director of clinical research at Columbia, told NBC News.

The drug is designed to build up a patient’s gluten tolerance over time through multiple injections.

Doctors say it’s unclear how many injections a patient would need.

“If it does work it would be a game-changer for people with celiac disease,” Hennepin County Medical Center Gastrologist Dr. Jake Matlock says.

Matlock says it’s unclear whether the drug will be able to rid a patient of gluten intolerance altogether or if it will simply weaken their symptoms.

“That’s part of what we’ll learn in these trials,” Matlock says.

The company has enrolled 150 patients in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand in the coming months.

Phase 2 of the trials should be complete by the end of the year.