Caught on camera: Bird snatches fish from backyard pond

A Ring security camera captures the moment a bird snatches a fish from a backyard pond. (Provided by Ring)

LEESBURG, Va. (WTHR) – A Ring security camera caught a moment in nature at a backyard pond in Virginia.

The camera captures a bird landing near a backyard pond. The bird notices fish swimming around and waits for the perfect moment.

The homeowner, watching it all unfold, activates the alarm to try to scare the bird away.

The alarm doesn't seem to scare the bird though. It snatches a bright orange fish right out of the pond!

"Though it's this fish's unlucky day, this was such a crazy moment in nature that was caught on camera! We're excited to see Ring cameras being used as a creative way to monitor backyard wildlife," said Savannah Bigley, spokesperson for Ring.

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