Cars parked at woman's home taken by thief with a tow truck

(Photo: WTHR)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The image moves quickly on video from the home security camera.

At first glance, you see a black flatbed tow truck hauling away two cars.

Nothing apparently ordinary about that, until you ask Andrea Shanabarger.

"I feel violated," Shanabarger said.

That's because Shanabarger says one of the cars in the video is hers and it's not being towed. It was being stolen.

"I was gone for two hours, right in the middle of the day," she said about last Friday.

When she got home, Shanabarger said her gold 2003 Honda Civic was gone. It's not the first time something like this has happened.

Just a week before, Shanabarger said her silver 1998 Honda Accord disappeared, along with her neighbor's car.

"The other neighbor actually saw them take the Grand Marquis and he said that they came back and took the Honda," Shanabarger said.

She said her neighbor thought the city was towing the Accord, until the same thing happened again a week later to her Civic.

"When they took the second car, he thought, 'Oh no, she's definitely not getting these cars towed' cause with the first one, he said he thought I had it towed, and then he said when he saw the second one, he thought, 'No, they're getting stolen,'" Shanabarger said.

Shanabarger said she had just bought both cars at auction and was planning to sell them to make money.

"I'm a single mom, and I'm barely making it, and they take cars. It's not right," she said.

Neighbors just two blocks over on Brookside Avenue said they've spotted the tow truck in the area. They say he's hit there, too.

"He took my buddy's Cadillac in this alley right here," said Michael Pittman. "My neighbor's got him on video and seen him take it."

Pittman has spotted the same unmarked black tow truck several times on his street.

"He was back and forth, back and forth," Pittman said.

"I looked out my truck window and gave him that mean mug," said Pittman, who said his neighbors are also on the lookout now.

Pittman had a message for the driver of the tow truck.

"We know what you look like," Pittman said.

Pittman said if he sees the same truck again, trying to take any of his vehicles, it won't end well.

"That's the last truck you gonna hook up, believe me," said Pittman, laughing.

Neighbors have reported the situation to police.

Shanabarger said she has little hope though, she'll see her cars again.

"I think they're gone. I think they're in a junk yard somewhere," said Shanabarger.

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