Carmel tops list of safest cities in America to raise kids

Boys kicking ball on the sports field. (Courtesy: Shutterstock / Fotokostic)

CARMEL, Ind. (WTHR) — Two Indiana cities are receiving recognition in keeping children safe.

Carmel and Fishers ranked first and fifth, respectively, in Safewise's "Top 50 Safest Cities to Raise Children" list.

SafeWise used four factors to determine the list: violent crime, property crime, sex offenders and high school graduation rates. The data was weighted accordingly and scores were standardized to calculate the rankings with an overall safety score.

Among the Top 25, Carmel had the lowest violent crime rate at 0.18 per 1,000 people, which included aggravated assault, murder, rape and robbery.

SafeWise also provided tips for parents to ensure better safety for your children both at home and in the community:

  • Teach your child their home address and phone number.
  • Practice crossing the street safely.
  • Make sure they understand never to go with a stranger.
  • Monitor your child's online activity.
  • Teach them who to trust if they're lost or scared.
  • Encourage bodily autonomy and boundaries.
  • Practice water safety.
  • Establish and practice a family escape plan.
  • Teach them not to approach strange animals.
  • Let your child trust their instincts.

SafeWise follows home security and safety trends and needs. The SafeWise team researches, tests and reviews products and best practices to make your home and community safer.

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