Car catches fire while stuck in Texas flood waters

A car stuck in floodwaters in Lubbock, Texas caught fire Wednesday. (Photo: Facebook/City of Lubbock)

LUBBOCK, Texas (WTHR) - Talk about a bad day getting worse.

The City of Lubbock posted video to Facebook Wednesday of a car stuck on a flooded street - and it was on fire.

City officials used the video to remind residents not to drive through high water, but several commenters on the post wondered the obvious - why didn't someone scoop up the high water to douse the flames?

The city said the fire department arrived shortly after the video was recorded and the public was asked to stay away from the burning car.

A girl who commented on the post said her mother was the driver and the flood waters rose quickly, stranding them in the roadway. Several other posts on the city's Facebook page noted roads closing in the area due to flooding, which also stopped city bus service.

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