Campus safety is key as college students head back to class

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - College can be a time of new experiences — many good, and some bad.

Most students head back to campus before the month is over, and parents always want to make sure their child is safe.

There are many ways to increase safety, some of which involve a cell phone.

Here are some campus safety tips:
  • Lock doors, hide valuables
  • Password protect devices
  • Share your location
  • Sign up for campus alerts
  • Know location of call boxes
Sexual assault is another problem on college campuses, and it's not just limited to on-campus residences.

Commuter campuses are tackling the issue.

Colleges from around the country recently attended the first ever-commuter college forum, which focused on dealing with sexual assault.

"It's an epidemic when we look at one in four to one in five of our college women being affected by the time they graduate, not to mention what it does to retention rates," said Sareen Lambright, a sexual assault education and prevention specialist at IUPUI. "You come to campus looking to achieve your dream of graduation and then it's ripped away when sexual assault happens."

How are college campuses raising awareness of hte issue?

Students from IU Kokomo designed posters with messages teaching wrong from right.

It incorporates relationship matters into classroom curriculum.