CampAbility holds summer camp for kids with disabilities

CampAbility provides a safe place for kids who have disabilities. (WTHR, Meredith Juliet)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Every kid should have the opportunity to go to summer camp. CampAbility is making that happen.

CampAbility is hosted by Easterseal Crossroads, and the idea is to provide a safe place for kids who have disabilities to attend summer camp.

It's a six-week long day camp for kids ages four to 10 years old.

Organizers tell us this kind of service is needed in Indianapolis where 19 percent of the population is special needs.

"There's a void in Indianapolis where a lot of campers don't get the traditional camp experience," Tim Blaneusa, the CampAbility Camp coordinator said. "What we're doing is we're just creating that environment where it's safe, and we're really trying to just like give them those memories of what summer camp was for a lot of people."

A huge part of putting this on is creating an environment where these kids needs, medically speaking, can be met so that the focus is on camp.

This year, nurses from WGU Indiana are completing their clinical hours at CampAbilitiy. The nursing director said a lot of the students hope to go into pediatric nursing, and this gives them a different perspective.

"We partnered with Easterseals Crossroads to give people an idea of nursing outside of a sick person in a hospital bed," Mary Carney, the WGU Indiana State director of nursing - Indiana said. "They get that experience as well, but there are so many other areas of job opportunities and underserved populations that are outside the four walls of the hospital."

If your child would like to attend camp, you can reach out to Easterseals Crossroads to have them added to the wait list.