Cameras catch couple breaking into a north side home

The woman knocking on the door

Indianapolis - A bold crime in broad daylight is caught on video. A couple broke into a home on Mallard View Drive near 46th Street and Binford Boulevard.

Out of the small number of homes in that subdivision, 10 percent of them have been burglarized.

One of those break-ins is caught is tape and police hope the pictures will help them catch the criminals.

The video obtained exclusively by Channel 13 shows the woman suspect knocking on the door. She does nothing to hide her face, so police suspect the couple has no idea they are being recorded by a home security camera.

Moments later her male companion is caught on tape looking in through a front door window pane. You can see him knock on the door and then he turns backwards and gives the door a swift kick, forcing their way in.

Cameras then record the couple carrying out the homeowner's personal belongings, including clothing and what looks like a water cooler bottle full of money.

They get in a late-model Oldsmobile and drive away.

The homeowners in the neighborhood organized and got police to beef up patrols.

Since then, the break-ins have stopped, but detectives believe the couple may still be kicking in doors in other neighborhoods.

Call Crimestoppers anonymously at 262-TIPS if you know their names.