California man killed in Maui shark attack

(NBC News photo)

MAUI, Hawaii (WTHR) - A shark attack off a beach in Maui has proved fatal.

A California man died in the attack. He was on vacation in Maui.

"They pulled the man up. He looked unconscious when they transferred him to the other gurney. And we could see they were trying to do CPR on him. But as we got closer I saw some blood on his stomach, and I looked a little bit more and the skin on his wrist was torn off and got looking closer and his entire left leg from his knee down was just missing," said witness Allison Keller.

One day after the Saturday incident, there are warning signs along the beach and officers on jet skis, keeping people out of the water.

At the base of one of the warning signs, someone placed a bouquet of flowers.

It is not known what kind of shark was involved, but experts say Maui is "the hotspot" for Tiger Shark bites.

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