California coffee shop sells $75 cup of joe

Screen grab of Klatch Coffee's website showing sold out $75 coffee (WTHR photo)

SAN FRANCISCO (WTHR) — Some caffeine lovers would kill for a great cup of coffee. While asking $75 for a single cup isn't really murder, some would say it safely qualifies as highway robbery.

Klatch Coffee in San Francisco has sold out of its exclusive Elida Geisha Natural 803, named the most expensive coffee in the world.

At $803 per pound, the brew won first place in the Best of Panama coffee competition, according to Klatch Coffee's website. Klatch's "roastmaster" purchased the coffee at an auction. There are reportedly only 100 pounds in the world, and the coffee shop got the only supply in North America. Klatch's entire supply is now sold out.

The beans come from Ethiopia and have flavors of Jasmine, Bergamot and peach or apricot.

If that's not enough to sell you on the $75 cost, purchasers also got a coffee mug and brewing instructions to go with the the 18 grams of whole bean coffee.