Buyer beware: lead found in lipstick


(SNN) — Every day, millions of women put toxic lead on their lips with every swipe of their lipstick.

"It's quite alarming actually," said Michele Schlossberg, owner of Paint Nail Bar nail salon. "Just completely frightening."

A 2007 campaign for safe cosmetics study called, 'A Poison Kiss' found 61 percent of lipsticks contain lead. But the FDA didn't do a follow-up study until 2009 when they found that lead levels were four times hight than the campaign study two years earlier.

Schlossberg says it's disturbing chemicals are allowed in beauty products, when they're not allowed in our homes.

"You have to disclose if you're buying a house there could potentially be lead in there. So why is it 'OK' that we can educate people that there's no lead on the walls, but then we can have it in our lipstick which is on our face," she wondered.

And it goes deeper than the surface.

"Anything that goes onto your skin or even your lips, it's absorbed in the bloodstream. You wouldn't necessarily eat food if you knew that there was something that was really, really harming your body, and that's what parabens do," explained Schlossberg.

If this sounds alarming to you, you can change your products to keep yourself out of harm's way.

"There's an app called Think Dirty. Let's say for example you're using a brand and you don't know if there's lead in there, you enter it and it will tell you if it has lead levels in there, and then yes, unfortunately if it does, I would completely dispose of it."

Schlossberg says it can be overwhelming to start over, so start small.

"I'm not gonna have lipsticks with lead in it and I'm not gonna have any sort of facial or body products with parabens and just start there."