Buttigieg attends Dyngus Day in South Bend

(WTHR Photo: Russ Govert)

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WTHR) - He is making headlines running for President...but he is still the Mayor of South Bend.

Mayor Buttigieg has special duties to carry out the Monday after Easter. It's called Dyngus Day.

It's the 8th time Mayor Pete Buttigieg has attended the Westside Democratic Club Dyngus Day festivities. An event that started in 1920 and will celebrate 100 years in 2020. 2020 is the same year Mayor Pete hopes to ascend to POTUS Pete.

"I'm really having fun right now watching the local side and the Presidential side be one and the same," Mayor Pete Buttigieg told a jam packed crowd.

"Five, four, three, two, one," he exclaimed as he unveiled an honorary street sign.

It all began minutes before as the Mayor carried out his traditional duties of renaming the corner of Ford and Warren...Then mingling with those who could not get inside.

"Mayor Pete, everybody is so proud of you. We love you," one woman said to him.

"It is emotional for me in my eighth year out of eight as Mayor to stand before you like this," Mayor Pete said as he took the stage.

Bobby Kennedy stood at this same stage as did former President Bill Clinton. But this was different and he went on to explain why.

"When I shared some of my most vulnerable private facts about my life you welcomed me and put your arms around me as a brother," he shared.

"He's so genuine. We all just love him. We all fight for him on social media. Exhausted from fighting for him," resident Kim Majowski said.

"He's genuinely proud of his city and I think that is awesome. We need some of that in Washington," Jennifer Karamitsos added.

"No matter what happens South Bend will always be home," the Mayor concluded. Then the Mayor waded his way through supporters to get back outside and to his SUV.

With that, Mayor Pete was off to continue his campaign for President but no doubt thankful for another interesting day in South Bend.

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