Burglary suspects work for hour in couple's 'dream house,' return for more

(Photos provided by homeowner)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A couple building their dream home woke up to a nightmare Friday morning.

"Waking up to a call that the new house has been broken into and everything is gone is not the best way to start your day," said Nicole Turner.

When Turner and Brad Funkhauser checked video from their home surveillance cameras, they saw two men coming through a door into the garage of their Franklin Township home, helping themselves to building tools inside.

After staying an hour and leaving, the men came back for a second visit a few minutes later, carting out more stuff.

In the video, their faces are completely visible. One is wearing a Mario Brothers t-shirt, the other's shirt says "The Punisher" on it.

"We might be able to find out at the local game stop who they might be," said Turner, laughing.

Jokes aside, the couple posted the video to social media and shared it on their Ring Doorbell app.

"Somebody on there told me, 'I recognize the first guy and I've already contacted IMPD,'" Turner said.

At first, the couple wasn't sure at first how the men got inside. Then they say their doggie door pushed in and realized how easy it was for someone to reach in and unlock their door.

"It's the last thing we thought. We thought if they're gonna break in, maybe they'll break a window or something that would be pretty easy," said Funkhauser.

"I can tell you, we are getting rid of the doggie door," said Turner, saying she and her boyfriend aren't the only ones who feel violated.

"They took everything that I make my living with, all my tools and they're gone," said Scott Harakas, who's helping to build the couple's house. Harakas didn't have insurance on his tools.

"I'm out a couple thousand dollars," he said.

Replacing those tools won't be easy.

"I need to work more before I can. I don't have the money to replace that," Harakas said.

"We lost a lot of things. Our insurance is going to cover it. These guys are the ones that lose. These are the ones that get really hurt," said Funkhauser.

"That's the way life is nowadays. They steal, they do whatever they can to get whatever they can get," said Harakas.

They're hoping the men in that video get caught and everyone can get back what's belongs to them.

"It hurts our hearts to believe there are people that can do this. That's what hurts, not the things," said Funkhauser.

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