Burglar caught on camera throwing himself against door

The burglar has been difficult to identify because he wore surgical gloves, safety goggles, a mask, a hoodie and even a headlamp (surveillance video)

A Franklin criminal was caught on camera literally throwing himself at a locked door trying to break in.

The unidentified suspect eventually threw a brick through a window and got in that way, eventually burglarizing family-owned Beck Automotive on US-31, stealing a gun and thousands of dollars back on July 13.

Even though he was seen on camera, detectives have had a difficult time tracking him down because he wore surgical gloves, safety goggles, a mask, a hoodie and even a headlamp.

"From the video, he looks like a professional," said Beck Automotive owner Ben Briggeman. "He's got the backpack, U.S. Army backpack with saws, pry bars, some screw drivers, pretty much anything you would need, a lot of criminal tools."

He was seen heading straight for the front office, leading Briggeman to believe the burglar might have visited his business before.

"He's too familiar - too familiar with the lot, too familiar with the offices. He knew exactly what he was going after," Briggeman said. "That's why we think he's a professional looking for cash, looking for easy money."

But there was nothing easy about this crime, at least not for the criminal. In the video, you can see him dig through drawers, searching for keys. When that doesn't work, he spends 20 minutes trying to break down the front office door.

He later took off the backpack after awhile, revealing he was wearing a sweatshirt with a "Precision Turbo" logo. Then, he kicked the door hard - over and over again. At one point, the burglar actually threw himself at it in an attempt to break it down.

"It's actually kind of comical watching this because he takes a running start, and he had to be pretty beat-up after this, so hopefully at least we hurt him a little bit," Briggeman said.

The bad guy did eventually get in. Police say he ransacked the place and stole a lot, including a gun safe.

"Then, in that gun safe was a handgun and thousands of dollars in cash," Briggeman explained. "It's just violating. It's personally violating."

They now hope video of the crime helps get the crook caught.

"The more visible this crime is, the more likely that we'll be able to catch this guy," Briggeman said.

The same night Beck's was hit, there was a break-in caught on camera at nearby Franklin High School, but Franklin Police do not believe those crimes are connected.