Build-A-Bear unveils Baby Yoda design; find out how you can get yours

Build-A-Bear gave a sneak peek at what the new Baby Yoda plush dolls will look like. (Build-A-Bear/instagram)

Last month, Build-A-Bear teased that it was coming out with a "Baby Yoda" inspired plush, which set the Internet in frenzy.

After much anticipation, the company finally unveiled on Thursday what The Child is going to look like -- and it will make you say, "just take my money!"

"The cutest creature in the galaxy is arriving at Build-A-Bear Workshop this spring," Build-A-Bear said in an Instagram post.

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Baby Yoda, officially known as The Child, is a character based on the Disney+ original, "The Mandalorian." Due to his popularity, several companies are coming out with Baby Yoda inspired-merch from stuffed animals to puzzles to necklaces and animatronics.

So it's no surprise that Build-A-Bear is hopping on the Baby Yoda train. According to Business Insider, the company knows exactly what it's doing: Build-A-Bear is traditionally for children, but the company has seen half of its sales from adults shopping on nostalgic merch from Pokemon, LucasFilms, Disney, etc.

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