Budweiser releases Super Bowl commercial and it's 'bigger than beer'


(WTHR) – Budweiser has released their 2019 Super Bowl commercial and it has a message about the future.

Budweiser released the 60 second commercial on their social media pages Wednesday.

The commercial starts with a Dalmatian’s ears and lips flapping in the breeze, while Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowing’ in the Wind’ plays.

Then, the camera zooms out to that iconic sight: Clydesdales pulling a beer wagon with the dog dutifully sitting on top.

All hinting at what's to come, and "it's bigger than beer."

So what's with the wind? The company announces that it is now brewing beer with 100 percent renewable electricity from wind power.

“Wind never felt better. Now brewed with wind power,” flashed on the screen.

Anheuser-Busch described the commercial as a story about the company’s future.

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