Bud Light giving away free beer when (or if) the Browns win

Special "Victory Fridges" are waiting to open up free beer to Cleveland Browns fans. (Photo: Bud Light)

CLEVELAND (WTHR) - Things haven't been easy for Cleveland Browns fans the past couple years, with the team winning just one game in the past two seasons.

So with the excitement of a new season on the horizon, Budweiser is looking to give Browns fans the chance to celebrate when that elusive victory comes.

Bud Light is installing "victory fridges" in the city that will give away free beer to fans as soon as the Browns win their first regular season game. The orange and brown refrigerators will be placed at bars around Cleveland, as well as the Browns' home FirstEnergy Stadium, and stocked with dozens of 16-ounce bottles of Bud Light.

When the clock runs out on the team's first win, home or away, wireless technology in the "Bud-E Fridge" will unlock the refrigerators simultaneously, allowing fans 21 and over to celebrate the win together.

The announcement was met with jokes on social media, but optimism from Browns faithful.

The Browns open the season at home September 9 against the rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

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