Brownsburg senior distance runner earns May Athlete of the Month honor

Faye Jessup is the May Athlete of the Month. (WTHR Staff)

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WTHR) — Brownsburg High School senior Faye Jessup is not one the top distance runners on her track team. Jessup runs the mile and mile and a half for the Bulldogs, but not at the varsity level. Yet her leadership and academic excellence led her to earn WTHR Papa John’s Athlete of the Month honors for May.

"I'm pretty outgoing and I like to say I'm pretty confident with leading people because it's what I've been doing for so long,” said Jessup, sitting in her school office, a privilege of being president of the Chainlink student government. “So, I like to think that I'm pretty good at it and I can lead people to the right direction."

"I always tell her that she's probably going to be someone's boss some day because she's very good at taking initiative and laying it all out there for you,” said Brownsburg girls track coach Julie Waggoner.​

Jessup’s character shows at track practice. Not many seniors would keep running if they were not competing at varsity level.

Faye Jessup is the May Athlete of the Month. (Provided)

"I like racing and it's fun to compete and it's fun to win, just like everyone else,” said Jessup. “But I'm more there for like the people and my teammates that I've built bonds with over the past four years. Running with them now is fun, it's habit. I know even if I have a bad day, if I go to practice, they're going to make it better and they're going to make it brighter."

"Even though she's not first or second for our team, she's definitely one of those leadership roles where she comes out and works really hard really demonstrates what a good effort is in practice,” said Waggoner.

Faye Jessup is the May Athlete of the Month. (WTHR Staff)

Jessup may not be the fastest on her team, but she's mighty impressive. She’s headed to West Point after high school to study Chemistry and Spanish. She plans to go on to medical school and become a trauma surgeon.

Among many service clubs and activities, Faye served as a Brownsburg athletic ambassador to elementary students. She also led the student government to raise over $17,000 for Riley Hospital for Children in one week.

"Running is kind of like the space where all the stress of like doing my clubs and having issues like personal life or within school or anything like that, running is like the time that I've set aside to go and think,” said Jessup.​

Jessup runs off to the U.S. Military Academy next, her thoughts on becoming an Army officer.

Jessup was also recognized as one of 13 winners of the IHSAA C. Eugene Cato Memorial Scholarship Awards.

Papa John’s is proud to begin a new partnership with WTHR honoring student athletes in Central Indiana via the Student Athlete of the Month program. The Student Athlete of the Month program honors well rounded central Indiana high school students who have demonstrated excellence in athletics, academics, or clubs/ co-curricular school related hobbies. Monthly winners receive a $500 scholarship funded by Papa John’s and WTHR donated to the winner’s high school in the winner’s name.

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