Brothers promoting personal weight-loss plan

Brothers promoting personal weight-loss plan
The Lewandowski brothers are marketing their weight loss program.

INDIANAPOLIS - A pair of Indiana brothers have documented a fitness program that promises a 30-day body transformation.

It happened by accident for Craig and Matt Lewandowski, two self-professed computer nerds, who wanted to get in shape. They came up with a plan and documented their progress, with results so impressive they decided to see if they can sell it.

They call their plan "Flabs 2 Abs."

"At first, we didn't even intend on making a product out of this, we just set up cameras and wanted to film our results for our own amusement and then, after a couple weeks, we realized that it was really better than anything we had ever tried," said Craig Lewandowski.

Craig lost 27 pounds in 30 days. His brother Matt lost 16. The results were so dramatic, they then gained weight to test it and see if it would work again.

"I guess the real reason we did it the second time was to see how strict we had to do it, we had to dial down the diet and see just what you had to do and we went as lenient as possible and still, the weight went right off," Matt said.

Peggy Crumley works at the same law firm as Craig and saw him whittle down. So when the company had a "Biggest Loser" contest, she asked him for tips so she'd win.

"I wanted to lose the weight, but I saw this young guy doing this. I saw him talking about [how] he and his brother, who are young, and I thought 'I'm older, I'm a woman, it doesn't work for someone past 50 that's trying to lose weight and it doesn't come off as quick. But it did," she said.

Crumley lost 18 pounds in 63 days and won the office contest.

The program is a heavy emphasis on diet with specific rules, like no carbs four hours before bedtime and no alcohol, which the brothers say slows your metabolism. The exercise regimen is six days a week, focusing one day on shoulders, then running through biceps, legs, triceps, back and chest. The plan works out abdominal muscles three times a week and easy cardio work.

The brothers have sold 100 copies of their program so far. They've kept their day jobs and their weight off.

"If you want to drop 50 pounds or if you want to drop ten pounds, this is the fastest way to do it," Craig said.

Flabs 2 Abs website