The #broomchallenge isn't real and your broom will stand on its own tomorrow, too

The internet is being taken over by people standing their brooms up on end. (Photo: Candy Meluch)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WKYC) - A new craze is sweeping the internet - literally.

On Monday, thousands took to social media to test out social media's latest craze, the #broomchallenge.

According to countless internet users, an alleged post from NASA claims that due to the earth's specific tilt, a house hold broom can stand on its own today and today only.

WKYC Chief Meteorologist Betsy Kling believes the challenge is a hoax.

"It's just balance. People think it's special because at what other point in your life would you stop and try to balance a broom," she explains.

While the original mention from NASA hasn't been located, that hasn't stopped folks from testing out the theory.

Check out some the examples below:

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