Broad Ripple H.S. grad brings Hollywood star power back to class

Quincy Fouse speaks to a group of students at Broad Ripple High School.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - There are a number of people from Indiana who are making it big in Hollywood.

One of those stars, Quincy Fouse, is an IPS graduate who came back to town to share his tips and his talent.

Today's class is all about bringing reality to the stage with a Broad Ripple High School grad as the guest teacher. Fouse knows what he's talking about, because he's in Hollywood where he's quickly making a name for himself.

The Indianapolis native stars in the blockbuster "Logan" with A-Lister Hugh Jackman.

"I didn't really have time to be, like, significantly star struck, because it happened so quickly, but um, it was a great experience," said Fouse.

He wants to encourage the theater students to reach for their dreams, too.

"I started off in the music magnet and I was playing my trumpet for a while. I wanted to play my trumpet on cruise ships," he said.

While that didn't happen, his bold move to Hollywood paid off with guest starring roles on the comedy "The Goldbergs," but early success hasn't been without doubts.

"There were moments, I mean, really, serious, serious moments when I'm sitting at the edge of the bed with my head in my hands going, 'What's going on? What am I really doing is this for me?'" he said.

Fouse delivers the message of never giving up as he critiques the students' improvisational acting.

"In first pulling into this, you're gonna pull from internal experiences," he said. "Remember natural timing, you know what I mean, and remember that all of your actions have purpose."

The students welcome the star power instruction.

Theater student Latesia Jung said, "You live and you learn and you take the criticism and you keep it pushing. A lot of people don't think acting is a career when it actually could be, like Quincy, for example. He's doing an amazing job."

"He was kind of a leader for the theater program. He was definitely showing us what it was like to get out there and do it. If you want to do something go for it," Another theater student, Edward Strickling, who wants to be on Broadway, said.

All of these theater students are sitting exactly where Quincy sat years ago. He says Broad Ripple High School helped him hone his talent and he always knew he was destined to be part of the elite class of working actors.

"It's not just you putting on a cute outfit and going on the red carpet," he says.

Fouse's most important advice is to not follow the crowd and to have the kind of faith that sustains you during the challenging times.

"If you're in a town like Los Angeles without your internal moral code on lock, they will find something for you to believe in, if you don't know," he said.

Stay tuned to see if more Broad Ripple students follow in Quincy's footsteps.

Quincy is asking for a lot of prayers as he is preparing for an "exciting pivotal role" that he's always wanted since high school. He can't announce it yet, but find out when he tweets it. Follow him @QuincyFouse.

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