Boys anonymously send valentines to every girl in their grade at school

Eleven ninth-grade boys at Farmington Junior High in Utah pooled money together to purchase a candygram for every ninth-grade girl at their school. (Twitter/DavisSchools)

FARMINGTON, Utah (WTHR) — A group of freshman boys at a junior high in Utah pooled their money together to anonymously buy valentines for every girl in their grade.

There are 219 girls in the freshman class at Farmington Junior High School. The valentines, which were candygrams, were purchased by a group of 11 boys.

“The girls loved it. There were so many who were just excited,” said student government advisor Eric Pratt. “I’ve heard from parents they were so excited, because their girls had never received a candygram in all three years they’d been at the school.”

Pratt told KSL they stayed after school this past week to write personal, handwritten messages on each candygram. The boys told him they wanted to remain anonymous.

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