Boy living with dwarfism teaches others to embrace uniqueness


CREWE, Va. (WWBT) — Jacob Walker is one of the few children in the world with Opsismodysplasia, a rare form of dwarfism that stunts his bone growth, and he wants to teach other children how to embrace their uniqueness.

Jacob might be just 30 inches tall, but his spirit is boundless, as he's learned how to love himself and conquer every obstacle put in front of him.

Jacob and his father Rodney are now creating the the National Self Esteem Project for Children with Physical Anomalies to show others how Jacob has thrived in a supportive and accepting family, and to not be guarded around people who don't know him.

"We've tried to be approachable to people out in public, rather then in a defensive state of mind. That helps Jacob to see that we're proud of him. We don't see any shame in his differences," said Jacob's father, Rodney Walker.

The National Self Esteem Project will also help kids who look different embrace themselves and be embraced by others.

Jacob is showing other kids how they can live life in a big way.

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