Boy finds loaded gun in southside Culver's restroom


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – When they stopped for lunch at a Southside fast food restaurant Monday on the way home from vacation Bible school – a boy found something not on the menu.

Tonight his mother says, "So many things could’ve happened. It could’ve fallen off the dispenser. And he could’ve never come out of that bathroom."

Her 10-year-old son went into the restroom and there on top of the toilet paper holder was a loaded gun.

"He lifted the gun up thinking it was a toy gun. And as soon as he realized how heavy it was he set it back down and immediately went and got a manager."

It happened about 2:30 Monday afternoon at the Culver's restaurant on Kentucky Avenue at I-465 on the southwest side.

The Culver's restaurant spokesman says the manager locked it up securely and called police. The family says police told them the gun was loaded.

"I wish he would’ve never touched it," says the 10-year-old’s mom, who asked we not identify her. "But it was a teachable moment for us."

She’s a gun rights supporter and she’s talked with her son about gun safety. So he was ready.

“The wrong child could’ve found it. Every scenario has been in my head of what could’ve happened,” says the mother. “I thank God nothing bad did happen. And that my son found it because he is responsible.“

Police confiscated the gun. We were told the gun’s owner later called the restaurant asking about it. At last word police were still investigating.

"One person being so irresponsible and ignorant," says the boy’s mother. "But I do feel this is felony negligence and it’s super scary."

"I’m just blown away. I’m shook up, I’m mad. I’m scared."

And she wants other parents to have that gun safety talk with their kids.

"Were you scared?" she asked her son.

"No. I was kind of surprised," he said. Surprised when he realized it was heavy and must’ve been real.

Then His mom asked her son, "the next time if you ever see a gun whether or not you think it’s a toy or not are you even going to touch it at all?"

"No," he promises.

He tells us the first thing he's going to do next time, is tell someone.

She says her son finding that gun may have saved a life of another child who might’ve thought it was a toy. With deadly consequences.

She also suggest parents think about checking restrooms before sending their young children in alone.

She also praised the Culver's restaurant for acting quickly and professionally.

Culver’s told us when police arrived they gave kudos to the boy for making the right choices.