Book share station debuts on Monument Circle in Indianapolis

The book share was a big hit Thursday.

Can't make it to the library? Part of the library may soon be coming to you.

The city's newest book share station opened at Monument Circle Thursday.

You are welcome to take a book from one of eight different unique share stations across the city.

This is part of the Public Art and Literacy Project.  Artists designed the share stations.

You can take a book for free and you don't even have to have a library card.  You can pass it on to a friend and return it to any of the other stations around town.

"I love the library, so I'm like, 'Are these books free?' I've seen other projects that are like libraries that are out and about and I think it's a great resource especially in the city," said Amira Malcom, Indianapolis.

Click to find out where all eight of the book share stations are across the city.