Bloomington teen charged with attempted murder of great grandmother

Arrest Made in Grandmother Beating: 6pm
Great-Grandmother Attacked

An 86-year-old great grandmother is recovering after a brutal attack by her own great grandson. Bloomington Police arrested 19-year-old Zachary Emswiller, who they say tried to kill Wilma Wampler.

Emswiller is being held at the Monroe County Jail awaiting his first court appearance. The 86-year-old victim's daughter says she feared something like this would happen all along. Evelyn Hardy broke down crying after learning her mother suffered a brutal attack at the hands of her own great grandson.

"Why he did something like this as much as she loved for him and did for him," Hardy said. "I just can't comprehend someone doing this to someone yet alone your great grandma."

Police arrested Zachary Emswiller for attempted murder. On July 4, officers say he started beating his great grandmother so severely that she used her personal panic device to call for help.

"When the ambulance arrived they immediately heard screaming from inside, so they immediately backed away and called law enforcement as their procedure," said Capt. Steven Kellams with the Bloomington Police Department.

When Bloomington police arrived at the house on South Winridge Court, they found Emswiller on the front porch. 
"He was covered in blood and as officers attempted to talk to him, he became very aggressive and started attacking the officers, so he was taken into custody," Kellams said.

Inside the house, officers found his great grandmother suffering from a brutal beating. She told police that Emswiller tried to strangle her.

Officers believe the bruises on his face, which can be seen on his booking photo, are from his great grandmother fighting back to protect herself.

Along with her immediate relatives, Wampler's church family, where she's attended faithfully for the past ten years, plans to be by her side on her road to recovery.

"She has a great personality and always funny," Hardy said. "She is always trying to take care of everybody else."

Emswiller will have his initial hearing Wednesday afternoon for attempted murder and criminal confinement charges. His family says they are not ready to see him, even in court.