Black bear roaming neighborhood tranquilized and removed


ERIE COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WTHR) – Officers made an unusual takedown Wednesday, using a tranquilizer gun to sedate a black bear roaming around an Erie County neighborhood.

After one shot, the bear took off, and ran about a half mile through the woods, before coming to a rest in a small ravine.

Once the tranquilizer took effect, officers were able to put the bear in a tarp and drive it to state game lands in nearby Crawford County where it was released.

"It's pretty interesting. This is a highly residential area so we got to be concerned about children waiting for the bus, joggers, people who just happen to be in the area,” said Lt. Rick Sconieczka of the Millcreek Police Department. “So obviously safety is our first consideration here."

A bear sighting at this time of the year isn't uncommon.

Black bears are coming out of hibernation and are searching for food.