Bill could ban discrimination against natural hairstyles in Kentucky

(Shutterstock / Red Confidential)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTHR) — Kentucky could become the third state to ban discrimination against natural hairstyles.

House Bill 231 aims to promote inclusion.

State Rep. Attica Scott filed the bill after a response from her daughter on her first day of school.

According to WHAS, the school's dress code did not allow students to wear their hair in cornrows, braids, twists and locs.

"There is so much cultural significance in our hair and how we wear our hair–most of the styles are passed down–braids, the afros, the afro picks, all of that,” Rep. Scott said. "We can be in workspaces, be in school places and do what we need to do to our full capacity without having to hide ourselves in any form."

The new law would ban employers and school officials from discriminating against people with those hairstyles.

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