Bikers escort Fort Wayne freshman to school to stand up against bullying

Dozens of bikers escorted a Fort Wayne high school student to school Friday, April 13, 2018, after she told her dad she was being bullied by a classmate. (photo courtesy WPTA)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - Dozens of Indiana bikers rallied around a high school freshman who was being bullied by a fellow student.

Madilyn Quinn says her bully harasses and threatens her. She told her dad about it, and he called on his local motorcycle community - friends and strangers alike - to show Madilyn that she's not alone, that they care and they're there for her.

More than 50 bikers met up Friday morning to escort Quinn to school at Snider High School in Fort Wayne, roaring into the parking lot and dropping her off.

One of the organizers said they do the Bikers Against Bullying escorts to show kids that they're loved because they know the effects of bullying can be damaging.

"Bullying isn't cool, not at all. And a lot of times it tears the kids up," said Brent Warfield of United Motorcycle Enthusiasts. "We lose a lot of kids to suicide, to bullying and we don't wanna see that."

"Seeing all them pull up one by one, it just, like... it just fills my heart with joy to know that I have support," Quinn said.

In the fall, Quinn and her father accompanied the Bikers Against Bullying group on a similar escort for a student at DeKalb Middle School who was also being bullied.