Bernie Sanders rallies for Liz Watson in Bloomington


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR) — It appears Democrats are taking a page from Republicans playbook by hosting big name politicians.

Liz Watson hoped Bernie Sanders would bring some attention to her 9th District Congressional campaign, and he did.

It was a chance to march with Bernie and a crowd estimated at 3,000 who showed up at Dunn Meadow on the campus for Indiana University for the opportunity.

"That in this great country of ours we are going to tolerate discrimination," an independent from Vermont said. "That in this great country we are not going to be the only nation on earth not to guarantee health care to all people."

"When your mom or dad get sick. When your brother and sister get sick. I want them to have a fighting chance to get better. I don't want you to be one illness away from financial ruin," Watson said.

It was the type of crowd most local candidates could only dream of, but this is Bernie Sanders.

"This is a great nation, and we are proud of this nation and that is why on November 6th we are going to come together and elect Liz Watson as the next Congressperson. Thank you all. Ok kid it's all yours," Sanders said.

It would be up to Watson now.

"They are giving trillions in tax cuts to the rich. Robbing us of our future, of the future we earned. That stops November 6 my friends," Watson said. "And I tell you something else. This is the time to vote like our lives depend on it. Because they do. They do."

Then the march to vote followed with with Bernie Sanders leading the way.