Bell Racing prioritizes safety, functionality for drivers' helmets

(WTHR photo)

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WTHR) - Arguably the most important aspect of the Indianapolis 500 is keeping the drivers safe.

This year, Bell Racing will make helmets for 18 of the drivers.

The company says they've worked hard to make their helmets as safe as possible while also being functional.

On the functionality side are tear offs, essentially a screen protector on the helmet that can be ripped off if there's grease or bugs impairing the driver's vision.

On the safety side, Bell is on the track on race day to handle safety checks of any helmet that's involved in an accident.

"We will do a helmet inspection and we'll also coordinate with IndyCar because all the drivers have accelerometers in their ear buds so we can measure the G's threshold that the driver saw in an accident," said Kyle Kietzmann, Bell Racing president.

Bell drivers include Helio Castroneves and Pippa Mann.

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