Behind the scenes of Bravo's new TV show starring Carmel exes who flip houses

Andrea Morehead meets Nina Klemm of Bravo's "Flipping Exes" for a behind the scenes looks at the ex-couple's work flipping houses in Central Indiana. (WTHR Photo/Andrea Morehead)

CARMEL, Ind. (WTHR) – Anyone can have a TV show, right?

In fact, millions of people are using YouTube and some of them are becoming stars thanks to the platform!

Well that's exactly what happened to a local couple - well, ex-couple - who posted a video and it was seen by the agent of cooking star Bobby Flay.

"Flipping Exes has a full proof checklist for working with your ex," says the narrator of a Bravo TV promotion.

Nina Klemm and Michael LeSure used to date for about a year.

"He actually used to be my kid's Sunday School teacher," says Klemm.

"When you work with an old flame, this should be interesting. You might get burned," says the narrator.

Now they're flipping houses.

"I find all the houses, develop the budget, and oversee construction. Anything with an X is a wall that's coming out," says LeSure.

And Nina is the visionary.

"I'm kind of thinking about doing that stacked stone when things calm down for me," says Klemm.

This former fashion stylist uses that same skill set to decorate their flips.

"Even looking at 2020, the jewel tones, the rich tones, are coming back, and where do they come from? The runway. I've always been a gold person even when silver and chrome, well chrome is still kind of hot, but I've always been a gold - accessories, my earrings, my jewelry, and quite frankly, I just look at my houses, all the light fixtures and the hardware, they're my accessories," says Klemm.

And as a real estate agent, she lists the properties and sells them. From Carmel to other neighborhoods like Woodruff Place in Indy.

"Carmel, Indiana is the Beverly Hills of the Midwest," says the narrator.

"This is what we do, like take houses that are dilapidated and turn them into gems," says LeSure.

Take a look at the before and after.

"If you're going to flip houses, every house has a story, just like every person does, you can't tweak a house to fit your story because that house has it's own story," Klemm says. "If that house is a mid-century modern, I'm not going to turn a mid-century modern into a farmhouse."

So what are the trends that need to go?

"Maybe brushed nickel is kind of going out. Like Chrome is coming back," says Klemm. "I want to do like a sleek, chic, modern type design," as she shows off her home.

Their talent is paying off.

"We have an offer," says Klemm as she's talking to a seller.

Nina uses the commission she makes selling luxury homes and reinvests in their flips.

"I didn't go with the most expensive," says Klemm as she's talking to LeSure about materials for a flip.

"You didn't go with the cheapest either," says LeSure.

As family and friends gathered to watch the premiere, these "Flipping Exes" hope their national exposure not only shines the light on Central Indiana as a great place to live, work, and play but also helps others.

"There a lot of things I want to do with women, I'm working with a charity "Restored" which helps human sex trafficking victims," says Klemm.

LeSure says, "Hopefully this builds into something great that we can help other people."

"Flipping Exes" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

You can learn more about the charity they support and connect with their social media platforms below:
Facebook: @FlippingExes
Michael's Instagram: @MichaelLeSure88
Nina's Instagram: @i_am_ninak

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