Beekeeper removes 60,000 bees from huge beehive in Australian home

A 110-pound beehive hidden in the ceiling of a woman's home in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo: Paul Wood/Brisbane Backyard Bees via NBC News)

BRISBANE, Australia (WTHR) — An Australian beekeeper has removed hundreds of pounds of honeycomb from a massive beehive hidden in a woman's home.

Brisbane Backyard Bees posted video of the removal on Facebook. Beekeeper Paul Wood removed 110 pounds of honeycomb — including 60,000 bees — from the ceiling of the home. The hive had been there for 10 months.

Wood transplanted the bees into what he calls a "free range hive" in his backyard. It will be a temporary home for the bees.

"When bees swarm every spring time, that's their reproduction," Wood said. "If they can't find a natural hollow tree as a new home, they quite often go into the cavity walls of houses or ceilings of houses."

Wood said the owner of the home wasn't disturbed by the bees; she just knew they should probably be moved.

Wood and his colleague vacuumed the bees into a special box, removed the honeycomb and strained the honey into jars. He said the whole process can be pretty messy.

Wood said he'll eventually send the bees to beekeeping enthusiasts in Brisbane.

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