Beautiful weather in central Indiana as Florence hugs the Carolina coast


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Here we go! A prolonged stretch of mainly sunny, warm days in Central Indiana. Highs near 80 this afternoon, go into the 80s today, and remain well in the mid/upper 80s this weekend into much of next week.

This is due to a large area of upper level high pressure that promotes sinking air, limited cloud cover, and warming conditions. The average high temperature in the upper 70s this time of year will be bettered consistently by 5° to nearly 10°. It's a beautiful pattern for us whether its going outside today or to the Lady Antebellum or IU/Ball State football tomorrow.

The same upper level high pressure driving our weather is also the main driver of the path of Hurricane Florence.

Florence is hugging the Carolina coast and another 2 feet of rain is expected in some spots with a storm surge near Cape Lookout of 11 feet. This continues to be a very dangerous storm.

We'll continue to update the path and provide updates on social media, our website, and of course on air. At this time we don't expect any major impacts locally from Florence...though some cloud cover or possibly some showers are possible early next week .

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