'Be good to one another.' Guinness releases St. Patrick's Day message

Marie Estrada

DUBLIN, Ireland (KXTV) — There's no doubt about it — St. Patrick's Day feels different this year. Bars and pubs across the country have been asked to close to prevent spread of coronavirus; restaurants have been asked to offer only takeout orders or reduce the capacity of their seating areas to practice social distancing.

But in an inspiring ad, Irish beer makers Guinness shared encouragement by saying, "We'll march again."

"While we know that this year feels different, we've learned over time that we’re pretty tough when we stick together," Guinness said in an ad celebrating the beer's 260-year history.

Sure, a pint, some corned beef and Irish music are ways to celebrate St. Paddy's Day. But they're not the only ways to celebrate.

"If you can call the people around friends or family, you've already won," Guinness said in its ad. "When you raise a pint of Guinness, also remember to raise each other up. Be good to one another. Celebrate safely, thank the one's protecting us."

And in case you didn't know, in 1759, Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on its brewery. So no matter what comes, they said "we're not going anywhere."

Now that we've got you hyped on resilience through tough times, here's a reminder that you can celebrate the holiday at home while watching the Dropkick Murphys' on a livestream concert.