Bair family opens up about Matt Hasselbeck's famous tweet

Brian Bair lost his wife to breast cancer Thursday morning.
Bair family opens up about Matt Hasselbeck's famous tweet
Bair family opens up about Matt Hasselbeck's famous tweet

Colts player Matt Hasselbeck is generating a buzz for his actions both on and off the field Thursday.

The 40-year-old back-up quarterback still recovering from illness led the team to victory in Houston. Hasselbeck threw for 213 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions.

He did it after spending a couple of days in the hospital for a bacterial infection.

After the 27-20 win, Matt Hasselbeck sent out a tweet that's making headlines across the country.

It's a picture of the football used in the game and says, "This game ball is in honor of Michelle Bair who lost her battle with cancer today."

The Bair and Hasselbeck families share a bond over sports and their daughters.

Their two 12-year-old girls play on a basketball team that Michelle’s husband Brian Bair also coaches.

"I got to know Matt and his family a little bit and you have seen it the last two weeks. He is not only a great quarterback, but he is class through and through. He's an even better person," Bair said.

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Michelle battled breast cancer for 12 years and passed away Thursday morning.

"She was a fighter. She was super tough," Brian Bair said.

Hasselbeck texted the family a few hours later, offering his condolences.

"He texted me [Thursday] morning and let me know if there is anything he could do, let me know. I responded thank you and said go beat the Texans," Bair said.

After Thursday's game, Hasselbeck's emotions got the best of him.

"I never get emotional over anything, really, but I got a little emotional running off the field; just the reception the Colts fans gave me," Hasselbeck said after the game.

And then came the tweet.

His post has generated more than 15,000 responses.

He texted the message to the Bair's first.

"When I got the text from him in the locker room with the picture of the game ball, I got choked up and emotional. It was an amazing gesture by him. I told him thank you. He made a really bad day a little bit better," Bair said.

As he plans his wife's arrangements, Brian is comforted by the memories and mementos.

"It says Team Bair and then on the other side it says hope, faith, family," Bair explained as he showed off a pink bracelet he and his family wear.

Those mementos will now include the football from Matt.

"He is very approachable. He is down to earth. He has a heart the size of Lucas Oil Stadium," Bair said.

Michelle Bair leaves behind two daughters, ages seven and twelve.

She and her husband had a vow renewal ceremony last November. Michelle said it was something she would enjoy, so her friends planned the event.

"She was amazing. She never gave up, she never said no to any of the treatments. She tried everything, and I know a lot of it took a toll on her physically, mentally and she was the coolest, toughest girl I knew," Bair said.

Brian Bair is sharing the story, hoping more women will get screened.