Bad gas from one pump causes thousands of dollars in damage

Courtesy KNTV

NEWARK, Calif. (WTHR) - A California Shell station is trying to figure out how gas from one of its pumps could have caused thousands of dollars in damages for drivers.

Some drivers that visited this gas station in Newark, California say just minutes after filling up at one of the pumps, their vehicles died on them.

The drivers began sharing notes, pictures, and videos and even created a Facebook group.

One of the drivers says a mechanic tried to light the fuel he pulled out of the tank and it wouldn't burn.

Another says the estimate for repairs could top $13 thousand.

The station's owner thinks one of the underground tanks may have been damaged, allowing the gasoline to get contaminated, but he hopes to know more on Monday.

In the meantime, he says he will cover his customers' repair bills.

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