Baby watch continues as April the giraffe is due this month

April the Giraffe has captivated the nation with her last two deliveries. (Photo: Animal Adventure Park/YouTube)

HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. (WTHR) - All eyes are on April the Giraffe again as she prepares to give birth.

Updates from the Animal Adventure Park suggest her calf is repositioning for birth, maybe this weekend.

And, just like they did two years ago, when April's pregnancy captivated the internet, Animal Adventure Park is live streaming their popular giraffe.

The park said they were expecting April to give birth in March, "but hey - we have been wrong before!"

In 2016, April was expected to give birth "at any time" in mid-February, but her pregnancy went on for nearly two more months, finally giving birth to Tajiri in early April.

You can watch April's live cam here and sign up for text alerts about April here.

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