Baby Jesse's parents sue daycare owner, employee

Baby Jesse's family files suit

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Months after finding their son bloodied and bruised at daycare, baby Jesse Harris's parents are taking the people they claim should have kept him safe, to court.

"I want the truth. Most of all I want the truth. I want the truth to come out," said the toddler's dad, Jesse Harris III.

The parents believe a civil lawsuit filed yesterday is the way to get to that truth about what really happened to their son at Kiddie Garden Daycare on E. 38th Street back in April.

"I don't want this to happen to anyone else's son. I just want somebody to be held accountable," said Harris.

Accountable for their 1-year-old spending two days in the hospital for injuries, that at the time, the daycare claimed were caused by another child.

It's a claim baby Jesse's parents have always questioned, saying if that was the case, where was the daycare employee to stop it or call 911 to get help?

"I want some form of justice. Like, I really want her to be held accountable," Harris said of that employee.

The suit, filed against the daycare and an employee, alleges among other things, that Kiddie Garden failed to have a qualified day care provider supervise their son and other kids that day.

It also says the daycare failed to seek timely treatment for Baby Jesse's injuries and that the battery on their toddler happened while he was under the center's supervision.

Two and half months later, the little boy, his parents called their 'happy baby' is crawling around and healing, but the process has been slow.

"Now he have an anger that he never had and he was like strictly a happy baby. Like, I'm telling you, he didn't cry. He was the perfect baby," said Tiffany Harris.

"We've literally been taking it one day at a time. Some days he's happy, some days he's not himself," said Jesse Harris.

It's been painful for these parents to watch, both feeling helpless to help their son forget an experience he can't even tell them about.

Eyewitness News reached out to the owner of Kiddie Garden Daycare for a response, but got none.

The parents have not named a dollar amount they are seeking in damages, but have asked for a jury trial. No date has been set yet.

The day after little Jesse was injured, the state delivered an "emergency closure order" to the daycare.

About a week later, on May 10, the prosecutor announced his decision to not file criminal charges in the case.

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