Baby girl found in a dumpster more than 30 years ago, wants to find the strangers that saved her

(Photo: 11 Alive)

ATLANTA (WTHR) – Back in January of 1983, she was found wrapped in a towel and left abandoned in a dumpster.

Thanks to a group of strangers who saved her, she was adopted into a loving family. Now 36 years later, she wants to find the strangers who gave her a chance at life.

When Amanda Jones was just a newborn, hospital staff snapped a photo of her and named her Jan Winter – because she was born in the middle of winter, and that's all that they knew about her.

"There's a part of my life that I am completely missing," Jones told 11 Alive.

She became Crystal in foster care, and then Amanda when she was adopted.

Now Jones says she has a good life, with a beautiful family and loving parents and because of that, she never really wanted to know more about or biological parents.

"I really just wanted to tell her that I forgave her," she said. "People make bad decisions when they're under pressure, and I didn't want her to live her whole life with this on her heart."

When Jones saw the story of another baby girl found abandoned in the woods in a plastic bag, she immediately felt connected to that baby.

"I can't imagine being the person who found a baby, not knowing all these years what happened to that baby," she said. "And I want them to know I have led a wonderful life."

She wants to find the people who saved her to tell them how thankful she is that they cared.

The dumpster was located at 5600 Roswell Road in the old Prado business complex in Atlanta, according to 11 Alive.

She's looking for the people who helped her, Fulton County Detective Joyce Vaughan or even people who saw it on the news who might have more information about what happened.

She set up a tip line where you can email her at:

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