Baby brother steps in as prom date for Marine's girlfriend


NEW ORLEANS (WTHR) — A New Orleans high school student had quite a cute prom photo shoot.

Skylar Fontaine, 18, is a senior, but her boyfriend, Gage Moak, 19, couldn't take her to prom because he's in military training, WMCA reported.

The couple have been together for a year and met while playing soccer. When Fontaine learned her boyfriend wouldn't be around for her senior prom, she said she was disappointed.

"I was upset, but at the same time I support him 100 percent and I’m willing to deal with him being away because he’s the one making the ultimate sacrifice," Fontaine said.

But Fontaine still wanted to include her boyfriend somehow, so she enlisted the help of his 2-year-old brother, Clay.

Clay dressed up in a Marine uniform and stepped in as her date for pictures.

Fontaine that Gage was thrilled to see the photos, according to WMCA.

"We aren’t sure when he will come home. It may not be until August, Fontaine said. " I have only been able to see him 10 days out of the past five months. It’s a new experience to us but we are dealing with it."