Baby arrives early, turns vacation into a stay-cation

(Photo provided to Eyewitness News)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) – A trip to Florida and Disney World turned into a ride wilder than anything a Noblesville couple expected.

Porshia and Ryan Horine's baby Remi, arrived early, way too early and far from home.

Their story is one of determination, faith and hope. In the last ten weeks, the family endured a life time worth of challenges.

It all started on what was supposed to be vacation to celebrate Porshia's 30th birthday.

'We thought it would be a beach day, go do Disney a couple of times," she said.

They never thought baby Remi would join them, three months early.

Ryan Horine holds baby Remi. (Photo provided to Eyewitness News)

"It seems like she was just born yesterday and it also seem's line we've been here for years," said Ryan.

Tuesday they celebrated tiny Remi's 10 week birthday. Her life started with an emergency cesarean section.

"You start by thinking what does it mean? What's happening and freak out," Porshia explained. "That was a wild night."

Followed by scary months of intensive care, almost a thousand miles from their home in Noblesville.

Porshia remembered seeing her Remi for the first time. "You can't touch her really yet. There's IV's and tubes and all kinds of things [...]. It's shocking," she said.

The tiny baby girl weighed less than a pound and a half. She needed surgery, couldn't breath on her own and has fought off infections.

Dad remembered the relief of finally being able to hold her. "Having the skin to skin contact was amazing," Porshia said. "Getting her out of the isolet for the firs time and then the first time Remi breathed on her own."

"I held my breath a little bit." she said "I was OK. Now let's do this little girl. Breathe."

When they are not at the hospital, the couple is in a hotel or a rental car. Ryan is working remotely. Porshia was a hair stylist.

"It's been a ride," she said with a smile.

It will probably be months before Remi is able to leave the hospital.

Porshia and Ryan Horine. (Photo provided to Eyewitness News)

Although mom and dad don't know exactly when or even how they will get their fragile daughter home, they are grateful.

"We feel blessed to be in a situation that we are in," Ryan explained. " We know the Lord has been amazing with us and support from our friends and family back home is amazing."

They talked about their faith, caring doctors and nurses and again their friends.

Those friends established a GoFundMe page to help with expenses that insurance doesn't cover and what could be an expensive trip home.

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