Avon police seek department store theft suspect

Police say this man has stolen from several department stores.

AVON, Ind. (WTHR) - Avon detectives hope you recognize a man caught on a police car dash cam after a department store theft.

The suspect got away, but he is suspected of several thefts involving expensive items at department stores across central Indiana.

The police car chase ended on Morris and Pershing streets in Marion County. The video shows the suspect making a run for it and getting away in Eagle Creek.

This past February, Avon Police got a call about a man in a department store on US 36 in Hendricks County leaving with a car full of merchandise.

"That's him coming out right there, pushing the cart from the store," said Avon Assistant Police Chief Brian Nugent as he narrated their dash cam video.

The police dash cam also recorded when he decided to make a run for it. The dash cam in another squad car shows him running to his car. You can also see his cart roll by, full of stolen merchandise like expensive vacuum cleaners.

Once behind wheel of his getaway car, an officer tried to keep the suspect from speeding off.

"The officer actually struck the vehicle with his fist and popped the window out, and at that point Avon continued to pursue the suspect," said Nugent.

Officers pursued the car for more than ten miles from Hendricks County into Marion County. The chase went through several neighborhoods. The weather didn't make trying to catch the suspect any easier.

"A light rain was falling down as well so it does present an additional hazard for officers as well," Nugent said.

Avon police detectives who investigate retail thefts have seen the same suspect before. Investigators shared different photos from other department stores where he's caught on camera stealing.

As far as the chase, the pursuit ended on a street in Marion County with a sharp curve. That caused the suspect to crash his car. He exited the vehicle and quickly took off on foot.

"Officers continued after the suspect on foot over the top of this berm where he was actually able to jump into the body of water and swim across," Nugent said.

The officer driving right behind the suspect followed him up the berm and even deployed his taser. Unfortunately, the suspect got away.

Still, Avon investigators hope based on the still photos from the previous theft cases someone can help them identify him.

If you have any information that could help in this case, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.