Audio released from plane's emergency landing days before Prince's death


Prince talked dirty in song, but had a reputation for clean living. 

But after his death at age 57, questions are swirling over whether or not the superstar had been hiding serious health problems from his fans.

Tuesday morning, we're hearing audio from a conversation between the Prince's plane's pilot and air traffic control before his plane made an emergency landing just days before his death.

"Hey, whats the nature of the emergency?"

"An unresponsive passenger."

"Do you know male, female any of that?"

"I do not know that."

"He told me unresponsive passenger. That's all I got out of that."

Here's the entire conversation.

Prince was leaving a show in Atlanta headed back to Minneapolis.

The plane made an emergency landing in Illinois April 15, just six days before Prince died.

After landing at Quad Cities International Airport in Moline, Prince was taken to the hospital for treatment.

An autopsy was conducted Friday and authorities said it could be weeks before the cause of death is released.