Attention porch pirates! New Texas law makes it a felony to steal packages

File photo of a package on a porch at a home in Plainfield, Indiana. (WTHR/Rich Van Wyk)

HOUSTON -- Starting September 1, the penalty for stealing packages from porches will be a lot tougher in the Lone Star State.

The law will make it a felony to steal anything considered mail. That includes letters, postcards, packages and other sealed items.

The crime is considered a first-degree felony if you steal from more than 50 people, a second-degree felony if you steal from 20-50 people and a state felony if you steal from less than 10 people.

The Fulsher Police Department issued a warning to criminals about the new law on Facebook. Under House Bill 37, if you're caught and convicted, you could spend anywhere from six months to 10 years in prison.

"You could also have to deal with a hefty fine, ranging anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000," wrote Fulshear PD.

The charges can be upgraded if the crime involves identity theft, the disabled or the elderly.

"Amazon is a huge fan of the new law, to say the least..." added Fulshear PD.

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