ASONS Construction employees take pay cuts to save company


A major employer in Muncie is still operating after asking employees to take pay cuts as a way to save the business.

Reality set in at ASONS Construction in Muncie earlier this week when Milan Thompson had to return from retirement to literally save his company, but he needed the employees help to do it.

"Right now, we are on time percentages and we also break it down into the employee on their work orders, too, so that we know what is happening," Thompson explained as he pointed toward an electronic screen mounted on the wall. "When we come in here, we found out we were losing money and we were losing money because some of our contracts were not performing well and one thing we had to do was right the ship."

That included eliminating the management team responsible, trimming some jobs and asking employees to take voluntary pay cuts. 

"What we needed across the board was approximately about 15 percent and all the employees stepped up and we got to the number and I am happy to say we are pretty much a viable business again now, going forward. They had faith in me and now I am going to show them they put their faith in the right place," he continued.

There are still 140 employees at the property preservation company that was touted as a success by Governor Mike Pence just one year ago. Thompson says he is not sure how long he will stay at the helm, but says he won't leave until the company is on the right track again.

"I am optimistic that going forward we will be right back where we were," Thompson shared.

He says he does hope to get back to retirement as soon as he can, but this time he says he will make sure to keep looking in on the company when he does.

ASONS just moved into the former Wilson Middle School on South Tillotson last year, which cost the company $2 million.