ASK THE DOCTOR: It's a good time to remind dad about medical screenings


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Father's Day is this weekend. It's a good time to remind your dad about important health screenings that could help him stay around longer.

On Tuesday's segment of Ask the Doctor, Dr. Jianan Graybill from Community Physicians Network visits to talk about cancer screenings for men.

You'll want to learn more about the latest information about colorectal cancer and a change in the screening guideline.

Colorectal Cancer Screening:

-Starting at age 50

-Every 10 years (with standard risk)

-Discuss with doctor (family history)

There's new recommendations for screening for prostate cancer, too.

Prostate Cancer Screening:

-Starting age 55: Discuss with doctor

-Starting age 50 (Family history or African American)

-Starting age 45 (Strong family history)

And the current guidance for lung cancer screening:

-Starting age 55

-30 pack a year smoking history

-Currently smoking

-Stopped within last 15 years

Click on the media player above to see more of our conversation with Dr. Graybill.

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