As investigations continue, HSE students don black in support of sex assault victims


FISHERS, Ind. (WTHR) – Eyewitness News has learned a Hamilton Southeastern high school student is the focus of two sexual assault complaints.

One was filed with Fishers police. The other was filed with Noblesville police last fall.

Noblesville police say the results of that investigation were sent to the Hamilton County prosecutor.

On Monday, some HSE students showed support for the alleged victims, dressing in black in school hallways and in photos posted on social media.

They’re protesting a school talent show award, “Mr. Royal,” being given to a male student last Thursday even as the student is under investigation for sexual assault.

“He sexually assaulted my daughter,” said the mother of an HSE student. “He forced her to do sexual activities that she was not comfortable with."

She is the second HSE parent Eyewitness News is aware of having made a complaint to police against the talent show winner.

The first was last fall. A father alleges his daughter was raped. After the attack they got a stay away order against the same suspect. The order is still in force.

“I hear stories about him all the time,” says the mother of another victim who spoke with us Monday night.

“I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. And I saw congratulatory comments and I was blown away by that.”

That female student’s mother says the Mr Royal award and protests that followed in school and online moved her to come forward and report her daughter’s case to the the school and police on Friday.

“I don’t know what to do,” she said. “I feel so helpless.”

She and the father of the victim we spoke with on Saturday said they felt the school district had not moved swiftly with their complaints.

“I was starting to give up on the idea that I was going to get justice and now I have a chance to have a voice and I know that there are so many girls that he has harassed that he has assaulted and they get a chance to get their justice too,” a student allegedly attacked last year told us.

We asked the mother of the victim we spoke with Monday night how she would like to see the issue resolved.

“Justice. That the truth comes out and he’s held accountable,” she said. “I feel that there is no accountability. How was he allowed to do things at school and participate and be rewarded?”

We tried unsuccessfully to reach the male student for comment.

No charges have been filed in the case.