Artist puts stickers of Trump's Hollywood star on Walk of Fame after real star destroyed


HOLLYWOOD (WTHR) — Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has multiplied.

An artist has put several vinyl stickers of Trump's Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame after the real star was destroyed.

The street artist was also motivated by a recent unanimous vote to recommend the removal of the star due to accusations he has mistreated women, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Rip up the president's Walk of Fame star or try to have it removed — like you're the mayor of West Hollywood or something — and 30 more will pop up," the artist told The Hollywood Reporter.

The artist and his cohorts call themselves "The Faction" spent $1,000 on the stars, THR reported.

However, some of the stars have already been peeled off for fear what happened to the old star will happen to these, which would damage city property.

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