Armed robbers confront man outside of apartment complex


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - An Indianapolis man got the shock of his life while exercising at his apartment complex Sunday afternoon.

Two robbery suspects caught him by surprise right outside his apartment.

Larry Hersch, 55, has lived at Kingston Square apartments for years and for the most part has always felt safe.

But while the highway worker was on his afternoon powerwalk Sunday, men with a gun confronted him.

“Put it to my head, right in my face basically, asked me for my phone. All I had was my cell phone and my house keys. I gave it to them and they both ran off back to their vehicle."

Hersch told police the gun looked like a Tec-9 weapon.

Although it happened outside, the robbers apparently waited until no one else was around to witness their crime. Police are checking to see if the same suspects are responsible for similar robberies.

Hersch gave police a description of the suspects and their SUV.

Grateful he didn't hurt, Larry doesn't want this to happen to anyone else.

“Watch your surroundings and be aware that people will take advantage of you if they have an opportunity,” Hersch said. “Especially now during the holidays the way things are now.”

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